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Analyze LinkedIn Business Strategy before Setting up LinkedIn Clone

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Everyone including self-employed people wants to have a professional profile for purpose of selling their brand or even because they are looking for a job. For this reason, it is important that if you are venturing in/want to set up LinkedIn clone, you first analyze to determine what your potential subscribers want and also check what is available in the market.

This is because certain features are designed to serve different market needs, however, when it comes to a professional platform like LinkedIn. There might be some differences and also similarities. It becomes important that you analyze your environment fast before settling on the approach. Here are common guidelines/factors that have been used when developing a LinkedIn Clone.

Should Permit Users to Enter Unique Details

Professional clone script such as a LinkedIn clone script should allow users to create their own unique details and in the format that they desire, therefore, you have to provide for this capability and flexibility. These details could include unique courses they attended, unique titles, etc. Therefore, you should not constrain people to a specific dropdown list. Give them the flexibility to be able to key in their unique titles and names as they require. This is the most important part because people want to be known by their unique names.

Linkedin Clone Script

Enable Uploads, or Manual Entry of Documents

You should be able to enable people to upload certification documents and other important documents that might be needed in a PHP Social Network Script.

Responsive Design

You should analyze the kind of devices and technology available for accessing your application and make sure that your application is responsive to all the devices available. Therefore, you need to get a LinkedIn clone that has been designed in a responsive format. A good example is the ProsNexus clone script.

Industries Available

You will need to analyze various industries that are available so that you can add all of them. People will need to indicate the industries in which they have worked, and as such you have to give them this capability. If possible, you can add a field that lets them select “other” and give them a field to specify.

Private Message Board

This is important because job candidates will use this feature to communicate with their potential employers, they will send applications and sensitive documents like certificates, and therefore they should be sent through a secure environment that is also private.

Payment Medium

Flexibility is an important factor when it comes to selecting payment gateway for your Social Network Software. This is because people need to be able to efficiently and conveniently pay you through a trusted platform. It is advisable that you ensure the platform is secure enough and that the users trust your payment gateway. The gateway used in ClonesCloud is PayPal, and it is a very secure platform.

Social media Platform Compatible

A good LinkedIn clone should allow people to easily signup for your services by using their social media profiles. Therefore, it is good you consider LinkedIn clone with this compatibility.

Clonescloud ProsNexus clone is easy to use clone script that can be used when setting up a LinkedIn clone.

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